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Webs [Mar. 8th, 2007|10:04 am]

In which I feel more and more like a spider.

Almost all our finances are online. We’ve been using a billpay service for years and years now, ever since I realized that I start ignoring the bills when I get in certain phases. This way I can “take a break” from the finances and everything just ticks along, requiring very little input which is sometimes all I want to do. And then there’s the other side of it. When I’m focused on a financial goal or just on the finances in general, and so every site gets visited a couple of times a day. (Someone seeing this in action might reasonably call it manic/depressive money management. Now that I can pay bills without paying attention I don’t care.. :-) ) It’s too bad that one of my manic phases recently coincided with being sans computer for a week. That was exciting..

I bought some stock (GSK if you care) with the money in the investment account right after the first stock dip last week. Good price but I should have waited for the second dip, since it’s not quite so good now. :p We opened a new short term savings account, and I started looking around for how to get money in and out of it. So now, it’s webbed to the bill pay account, and to the long term savings account, and Oh Look! My main checking account now has free transfers. Ooo, I better link the short term account. I wonder if it would be faster transfers into the long term account, better link that too (HSBC, great interest rates, terrible transfer times. I sure hope they are making money on the float because otherwise they are idiots).

So mainchecking links to billpay which links to shorttermsavings (in and out) and mainchecking links to shorttermsavings in and to longtermsavings in and out and investmentacct links to mainchecking and maybe to longtermsavings and and and one of these days this web is going to wrap ME up! I found it hysterical in setting all this up that the investment folks will enter two small deposits in the linked account to verify it (so far so normal) and then they take them back! Talk about cheap! Most companies give you the whopping 76 cents as found money.


There’s a few websites that I like for money matters. For saving and general money management there’s Personal Finance Advice (blog) and SavingAdvice (forum and website run by the person in charge of PFA) which are mostly normal folks figuring out what works for them. And there’s the Motley Fool, of course, which used to be more useful but now you have to dig for the information among the ads for their paid services. Still good for basic investing lessons though.

[User Picture]From: flaviarassen
2007-03-08 06:40 pm (UTC)
Me but simple History Major.
What be "Finances"?
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[User Picture]From: catlinye_maker
2007-03-08 11:19 pm (UTC)
erm, household budget? Blame Wharton for the fancified language. ;)

I majored in management, never did get a degree despite trying twice, and sometimes wonder how very different my life would be had I actually attended a college that suited me. But it did give me a pretty good grounding in basic bookkeeping. I use Quickbooks for our budgeting in spite of their warning not to do it. Dunno why, the (years old) copy I have works great.
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