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25 [Oct. 3rd, 2012|02:23 pm]
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We celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary today.  With a good old English fry-up, served in the dining room of our RV.  Fried eggs, fried toast, streaky bacon (from Broadbent’s, yum!) baked beans… oh, and a bottle of Roederer Estate’s extra dry champagne from our trip to the Anderson Valley earlier in the year.

With the chemo and all, we’re being low key this year.  Our fancy celebration will come at the 25.5 year mark in the Florida Keys, once we’re past the medical foofaraw.  But I’m still highly amused, thinking that if anyone had told me this is where I’d be after 25 years of marriage, I would never have believed it.

Here’s to 25-plus more years to come.


[User Picture]From: lanna_kitty
2012-10-03 09:57 pm (UTC)
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From: (Anonymous)
2012-10-04 12:44 pm (UTC)


Sometimes low key is just right.
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