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Bits and Bobs - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Bits and Bobs [Aug. 20th, 2012|08:04 am]
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This was not a very quilty week; there was lots of running around but very little sewing. Thank goodness for wanting to show something new for Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday, or nothing would have been done on the quilt front at all.

Holly leaf block units

Progress: All pieces are cut for the 9 remaining blocks on Holly Berries, and the berry units are pieced and mostly pressed.

Process: I think all the seams are pressed such that they’ll nest well when the blocks are sewn together. For my non-quilter buddies: quilt seams are often pressed to one side. Ideally, when two units are sewn together, the seams that meet will be pressed in opposite directions, so they will “nest” up against each other. This makes it much easier to match the seams up on the right side of the quilt, and reduces bulk, so that the top is less lumpy and easier to quilt.

Figuring out which direction to press the seams in order to nest them is tremendously hard to do, at least for me. I often get myself completely confused and turned around, and frequently have to resort to clipping seams to re-press them in the right direction so they’ll lay neatly. This quilt should go together well, though. At least I hope it will!

The leaf units need to be assembled, pressed and trimmed, and then I think I want to go ahead and lay the whole thing out to figure out where each berry unit should go. Those will come together at the corners of the blocks to make red four-patches, and I really want to ensure that where the blocks come together the reds are all different. Because of the focus fabric, each block isn’t actually interchangeable with other similar blocks (it’s a special snowflake quilt, this one.) So I’ll lay everything out before the units are sewn into blocks and double check my corner four-patches before assembly.

Once that’s done, getting the last nine blocks stitched together should go pretty fast. Then I can cut the setting triangles, and after that, a decision needs to be made on whether this quilt needs a border or not. The initial mockup had a border which would mean adding pieces to the outer blocks and setting triangles before assembly, but that’s a discussion for another day. Next Monday, I hope.


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[User Picture]From: catlinye_maker
2012-08-21 02:58 pm (UTC)

Re: "holly berries"

It is my own design, based loosely on a quilt I saw years ago at the Kutztown Folk Festival (great craft and Amish life fair, I highly recommend it.) If there's interest, I can work up a pattern over the next few weeks. The only tricky part is the chevrons, and I still have the template for them.
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