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Next! [Jul. 30th, 2012|07:01 am]
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Holly quilt concept

Candy Dish is complete and lint-brushed and folded, ready to go off to the long-arm quilter.  The backing needs to be bought and assembled (I checked my stash and there's nothing that will quite do.)

Next Quilt (Holly Berries) is on the design chair.  That angel fabric (which has been in my stash for years , waiting for the right quilt) will be the focus fabric, and go where the gold is in the EQ pattern, the cream will be background for half the blocks (stash fabric and I have about half of what's needed for the whole thing.)  It'll be fine; a closely matching cream fabric will actually add  interest.  And I'll be able to use the deep red which was background for Candy Dish as "berries" in this quilt.  Which means that most likely if I actually get to do the last of the Christmas quilts, it'll be a point to find a fabric from this quilt which can be used in that one, so they make a series and a set.

Here's the finished top, held by willing helpers on a fairly windy day. 

Check out what everyone else is up to this fine summer day at Judy Laquidara's Design Wall Monday!

candydish top