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SWTOR Fanfic - Adiira and her friends - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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SWTOR Fanfic - Adiira and her friends [May. 4th, 2012|06:47 am]
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EDIT:  I got clarification from the person who's running het_bigbang, and no, with the thing I was thinking about 50 percent done, it doesn't qualify.  Has to be started specifically for the challenge, even if it's never been posted anywhere else.  So the question below is, in fact, moot.  Please disregard.


So, I have a question for the folks reading along on these little stories every Friday.  I'm considering pulling together one of the stories I want to tell about Adiira and Malavai for a writing challenge called het_bigbang.  It would mean expanding the fic out to 10K words, which it kinda needs anyway, to hang together and make sense to a reader coming at it cold. 

More to the point, it would mean holding off on posting it here.  Het Big Bang does a dramatic reveal of all the fic written for the event on August 31st.  I have other stories to post about Adiira and crew before then, but not enough to last until the end of August.  I could put up stories about other characters in the SWTOR universe, like Jaeda, my bounty hunter (see week before last) but I might wind up skipping a Friday or two.

What do you think?  Go ahead and try the writing challenge, knowing that it means you don't get that story until after August?  Or keep posting everything in sequence here, and you guys will see that story likely starting sometime in July?  Let me know.

note: After rereading the requirements for the challenge, this may all be moot.  The instructions say you have to start fresh for the 10K challenge aka the "Little Bang".  I'll write and request clarification, but there's no entirely new story that I am so invested in telling that I want to write 10K words starting from scratch today.

No spoilers other than companion names.

A quick glance over at the couch confirmed her expectation: as anticipated, their exhausted lord had fallen asleep where she sat. Jaesa tiptoed over and rescued the tilting mug from slack fingers, then returned to the table and her low confab with Vette.

“We can order a lot of this stuff, have it delivered to the landing bay,” Vette said. “Can’t let them do it themselves. Adiira won’t go nearly far enough and if I know Captain Stodgy, he’s probably just planning to take the insignia off an old uniform.” She pouted. “I want my friends to be impressed, not amused. Not that you guys aren’t impressive anyway, just…” she trailed off.

“Just you want us to make a splash, something they’ll be talking about. I understand,” Jaesa said, nodding in agreement. “We’ll dazzle them, Vette, I promise. How about this corset for Adiira?” They bent over the holonet terminal again.

Vette frowned. “Do we want to go all matchy-matchy?”

Jaesa sat back and thought for a moment. “I don’t think so. Pirates don’t wear uniforms.”

“Some pirates do…” Vette nibbled her lip as she thought hard. “But if we’re making pirate costumes, I think it would be better to have everybody in kind of a jumble, all different. Like we got the stuff on raids. And all fancy stuff, just sorta going together by accident.”

A few (ok more than a few, but Adiira wouldn’t mind) hundred credits later, they had everyone’s outfits mostly set.

“What about masks?” Jaesa asked.

“Hmm. I don’t want to wear a mask. Can’t see around the sides in a mask. What about those turbans with the cloth over the nose?”

“Then we’d have to give up on the fancy hats.” Jaesa frowned. “I like the fancy hats.”

“Makeup? Gotta cover up that tattoo or everybody will know she’s a Sith lord as soon as they see Adiira.”

“Makeup works for me,” Jaesa said, and leaned over to compare the sleeping Sith’s skin tones to color pots on the holo.

Finally, Vette pushed away from the table, stretching. “Done, and done!”

Jaesa nodded in satisfaction. Everything was set, ordered, and scheduled for delivery. She was fairly sure she could talk Adiira into her outfit with the right appeal to friendship, and if the captain objected to his crown (circlet, really) too much, well, it wouldn’t wreck the effect if he didn’t wear it.

Vette reached out to shut off the net link and paused, hand in the air, then pulled the pad towards herself. “Oops,” she smiled as she placed one last call. “Almost forgot.”

A blue-skinned Twi’lek in bounty hunter’s armor answered the comm. “Vette!” he cried.

“Flash, how are you?”

“Excellent as always, how about you?”

“Good. Listen, Flash, I got your invite to the masquerade and my lord says we can come!”

“Vette, that’s great. Everybody will be happy to see you and your Sith again.”

“Me and my Sith and her captain and Jaesa.” She waved one hand at Jaesa, who was watching the conversation with interest.

“Jaesa, eh?” He smiled winningly. “My name’s Flash, charmed to meet Vette’s pretty partner in crime.”

She chuckled at that and said hello, waggling her fingers in a small half-wave at him. “I’m glad to meet one of Vette’s old friends. She’s always talking about you.”

“Nothing bad, I hope!”

Vette snorted. “Not too bad, Flash.” She looked over guiltily to where Adiira was starting to stir. “We gotta go, we’ll see you guys real soon.”

“Later, Vette. Jaesa, nice to meet you.” Flash nodded to the two women. “I’ll let the gang know you’re coming; they’ll all be psyched.” He disappeared in a blast of blue static as the call shut down.

Quinn came through the entry from the cockpit then. “Fifteen minutes to jump,” he said as he passed them. Gathering Adiira up off the couch, he cradled her against his chest. She sighed drowsily and laid her head on his shoulder. He carried her into her quarters, her feet dripping at intervals on the decking. Vette smirked at Jaesa and went to tidy up, swiping up the drips and dumping the kolto basin.

He emerged in a few minutes; looking for the basin and towel and not finding them, he looked over at Jaesa and Vette. “Thank you for the cleanup. We’ll have approximately three hours post-jump before landing, if you want to get some rest.” He kept going into the control room as Vette and Jaesa looked at each other.

“Three hours? Isn’t that longer than normal?”

Vette reached for her datapad again; her fingers danced over the keys. “Hmm. Standard wait for private shipping,” she said. “Ships fly an automated holding pattern until the spaceport’s ready for ‘em. We’ve always used the priority lanes before.” She grinned suddenly. “Captain Impervious must be tired too.”


Adiira woke when Malavai slid into bed next to her. He lay on his side facing her, propping his head up with one hand. She smiled fondly up at him and stretched luxuriously, partly for how good it made her feel, partly to watch his eyes darken in enjoyment.

“Have we landed?”

“We’re in a holding orbit, waiting for clearance. Two, perhaps three hours.” He reached out to trace an idle pattern over her shoulder and bent to kiss her on the forehead. “The autopilot can handle it.”

She quirked an eyebrow at that. “Sith lord’s ships get priority landing queues.”

“Not if they don’t request them.” Malavai rolled onto his back, one arm flung across his eyes. She could see the weariness in his face, now that he wasn’t busy taking care of her or the ship. She leaned on her elbow in turn, and watched his lips curl up in a slow smile as she ran her fingers lightly over his chest, drawing linked circles down to his navel and drifting steadily lower. She slid down in the bed, and applied herself to tracing the design her fingers had sketched with lips and tongue. He reached for her and she nudged him gently back against the pillows, intent on his satisfaction. Adiira could tell just how tired he was by the fact that he didn’t press the issue, merely laid back and enjoyed her attentions.

He fell asleep almost immediately, once she’d relaxed him as much as possible, and she slipped quietly out of bed and went to get a practice session in before the ship would wake him for landing.


Later, in a small, nondescript office on Nar Shadaa, another man reports in: “They’ve taken the bait. She’ll be there with the others.”