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I do love Texas in Springtime - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I do love Texas in Springtime [Mar. 28th, 2012|10:56 am]
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We’re rolling north and west from Houston, headed for California and the Bay area. Our plans for noodling around the inter-mountain west have been diverted by J’s work. This time it’s a half-planned change. We were pretty sure we’d be heading out to California sometime this year, and now we have a definite date; we’ll be there in mid to late April. How long we stay there is entirely up in the air, since J’s work seems incapable of making up its mind.

But for now we’re in Texas in springtime, and the wildflowers are in bloom. Coming up from Houston, we drove north to Ennis, TX for a brief stop at Waxahachie Creek Park, a Corps of Engineers campground on the lake there. The campground was pretty and the lake was beautiful. We had the loop we were in all to ourselves; the only loop that was full was the one which was all pull-through sites. I’d rather back in and have no neighbors.

We’dve headed more directly west from Houston, but I had arranged for a mail delivery to be sent to us just before we arrived there. So while we got yanked to Houston, our mail went to general delivery at the post office in Wylie. We looked into our options for getting the mail redelivered but they all suffered from too much lag and uncertainty. Easier just to run north and drive into Wylie on Saturday. That let us get a nice brunch in the little café we like there – bonus!

All the way north, the wildflowers were blooming along the freeways. We saw billows of bluebonnets, pure deep blue tipped with white, thick enough in places to resemble a foam-flecked sea. Right along with them were orange and red indian paintbrush; low growing pale pink flowers which looked like poppies; and even some mounds of crimson clover, which isn’t crimson at all but a deep velvet red. Spring in Texas would make a gorgeous quilt.