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SWTOR Fanfic - Warrior and Agent - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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SWTOR Fanfic - Warrior and Agent [Feb. 3rd, 2012|06:35 am]
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Ok, whew! When I started writing these snippets, I thought there’d be maybe three or four. Mostly, I wanted to do more justice to the dashing Captain Quinn than I thought SWTOR had done, and work out my frustrations at the looong gaps between crew missions. But the more I write the more I want to write about Adiira and her journey as a light-sided Sith Warrior.

J and I play SWTOR together; we’re partnered almost all the time. Why would an Imperial Agent take up with a Sith Warrior? Adiira doesn’t know, but she’s not going to complain given how it worked out.

Adiira’s journal – Dromond Kaas spaceport

I seem to have acquired a minder. Rhemi always said I needed one, and now I have one. Field Agent Danal Rom, Imperial Intelligence. He came over and introduced himself as Vette and I were waiting for the shuttle to the Black Talon. He says he’s been assigned to me as I am “a promising young Sith Lord”. I’m not sure just what that entails or why I would be given an agent at all, and he was quite blandly uninformative when questioned further. Short of cutting him down with a lightsaber, I see no way to shake him, and I would hate to start my career by making enemies in the Intelligence service. He and his companion, a trooper named Kaliyo (no last name, apparently) joined our party and we boarded together.

I thought it was very kind of Darth Baras to arrange for a speedy transit to Dromond Kaas via the Imperial fleet ship; I was to find it wasn’t his doing after all. When we boarded the transport, we were received as a party travelling together (clearly everyone got the memo but me) and told our droid was waiting in the conference room. Droid? I really must start paying more attention to my briefings, but I could have sworn there was no mention of a droid joining us, though Agent Rom did not seem surprised as I was.

It turned out that all of this, the transport and the droid, were due to the machinations of Grand Moff Kilran. The captain of our vessel had refused the moff’s order to take his lightly armored transport and assault a Republic convoy to retrieve a single traitor. I felt for the captain. His decision was clearly in the best interest of his crew.

Grand Moff Kilran was quick to descend to threats to prod us to commandeer the ship to pursuit. And in the greater scheme of things, surely a Sith warrior, however inexperienced, and an Imperial agent might make the difference between success and failure. I refused to allow the agent to kill the captain for disobeying orders, though. He’d only tried to save his men from a suicide mission. And I felt that we would need all the skill and expertise at our command to win through the fight. So it proved; it was a hard won battle, but we did succeed in capturing the traitor, a renegade general.

Agent Rom was worth his weight in gold; a skilled tactician and sniper, he made the difference between life and death for me ten times over. He said in the aftermath that he would be travelling with me on my missions for the foreseeable future. I don’t think I will regret it.