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SWTOR Fanfic - Vette - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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SWTOR Fanfic - Vette [Jan. 27th, 2012|09:27 am]
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SWTOR has companions who travel with your character, helping him or her out.  Naturally every character class has the same companions, as Bioware's database is good but not infinite.  So they let you customize your companion's appearance, which helps some in watching ten Sith Warriors run by all followed by the same Twi'lek.  When you get your first companion (coming from EQ and WoW I struggle not to say "your first pet") you also get the customization free.

I didn't like any of the custom looks for Vette; I love the delicate headpiece she's wearing when you meet her.  So I didn't use the custom option (I sold it instead -- it was worth a pretty penny.)  Unfortunately, she's also wearing a shock collar when you meet her, so my Vette still has the shock collar (I think that changes with the custom looks but am not sure.)

So why is Vette still wearing the shock collar?

Vette’s Journal – Hutta Orbital Station

Jaesa asked me today about the shock collar.  I think she was pretty concerned, here’s this Sith Lord coming on to her all sweetness and light and her oldest crew’s wearing a slave collar?  Quinn couldn’t care less; I bet he thinks it’s still on me for my mouth.  Captain Stick-up-his-butt would probably just love to push that button and shut me up sometimes.  Makes me laugh; it didn’t work when it worked, why would it work now?

This collar?  This collar’s for show.  When Adiira took it off me, I asked if I could have it.  She looked at me funny but said, “It’s your collar – do what you will with it.”  And she gave me the collar and the controller too.  Which I didn’t dare ask for but was sure glad to get.  One of those treasure runs she’s always sending me on I got to a contact from the old days; someone I could trust.  He found me someone to do a little slicing and dicing on the QT.

 So now?  It reads right, but if that button is pressed?  I get a tingle, just enough to let me know to fake it.  And inside, where most of the guts used to be?  That’s where I keep my stash.  Creds, a lockpick or two, some stuff that’s small but real handy in a tight spot.  This collar’s not a slave collar anymore; now it’s an escape collar.  I like that.  I like it a lot!

Not that I told Jaesa that.  Just said that Adiira gave me the controller when she freed me, pretty much right after she met me.  Soon as I asked.  Soon as we were off-planet and it was safe to ask.  Which is true.  And I smashed the controller to bits (which is sorta true, at least if you replace “smashed” with “took apart like a bomb”—I kept the bits and gave ‘em to the slicer—they were real helpful with the mods, the guy said.)