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SWTOR Fanfic - Sith Marauder - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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SWTOR Fanfic - Sith Marauder [Jan. 23rd, 2012|06:15 am]
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DH and I have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and enjoying it immensely.  The world is immersive.  The storylines, the writing, and the voice acting combine to make you feel like roleplay is easy.  Even though you choose between just two or three canned responses in dialogue with NPCs, there's vast scope for individual personalities in the game.  I started a Sith Marauder and was really liking the character, but I was very unhappy with how my storyline was going since I had made some bad choices early on, before I understood how the game really worked.

These days, any touchy conversation is held with one finger over the escape key, which will abort the conversation and let us change our choices.  I don't find that damages the immersion too much, because the choice window is timed and I'm sometimes too hasty or the dialogue text marries badly with what the character actually says (some of that is thrift, and I can't blame them -- there's a ton of voice acting in this game so some of the responses repeat.)

Anyway, I was unhappy with my choices; I didn't think they were true to the character in hindsight.  And this being a game rather than life I could fix that.  So I made up a new character, similar name, and in a frenzy of power-levelling got her to 32 in a week.  She steps into the character, replacing the first version.  Here's my in game rationale for the gap while I was powering her back into place.  Minor spoilers and non-canon writing follow.

Malavai Quinn's Journal - Hutta Orbital Station

Lord Adiira was more severely injured than anyone suspected in her battle with Nomen Karr.  She must have been drawing on the force to sustain herself and speak so calmly to Lady Jaesa.  She did not collapse until we were in the landing bay, almost to our ship.  Then she fell like a puppet whose strings had been cut...  I will say this for Vette, as much as her manner grates, she has a cool head in a crisis.  She took charge of the padawan, and I was able to get my lord into the med bay post haste.  We were all taken aback at the extent of her injuries. Lady Jaesa is inclined to blame herself for not seeing my lord’s hurt in her mind, but I have never known my lord to reveal anything she does not wish to reveal.  Indeed, some of the secrets she holds chill my blood.

I did not understand Lord Adiira’s quixotic insistence on meeting the padawan and attempting to draw her to my lord’s service.  She said it was a feeling, a prophecy if you will.  I don’t yet know how our course will be changed by my lord’s actions.  But one immediate benefit has been apparent; the ship is a more peaceful place with the padawan aboard. Lady Jaesa seems to smooth our rough edges.  Vette and I have not been at odds since she came, and even the robot’s invasive prattle seems less irritating.  Of course we are all united in concern for my lord, and bickering seems out of place while she is not here to intercede.

We all watch and wait.  Imperial Medical has reviewed the case and indicated that the best course of action was what we had already done.  Never have I been more grateful for my medical training.  They say it will be some time before Lord Adiira will be able to leave the tank.  In the meantime, we all work to assure the smooth functioning of the ship.  My lord will find the situation well in hand when she awakens and we can resume our regular duties.

/begin encryption

She looks so small, floating there in the tank.  And her scars…  I never thought to feel compassion for a Sith Lord.  Never thought about what they... she must have endured to come to her mastery.  If I had met her sooner, perhaps I might have spared her some of those scars...  We are well suited, she says; she says that I am the best possible partner for her.  Is that what we are?  Partners?

Is it possible that she truly needs me?  She charges, sometimes blindly, into situations I would hesitate to face with a battalion at my back.  I never thought that a Sith Lord could need a mere military captain.  But if I had been there... before, maybe she would not be so scarred.  And if I had not been there that day, they told us, she would have died.

I never thought of her actually needing a partner.  I always assumed my help was hardly required.  Could it be that I am her equal in some ways?  Could I stand at her side proudly, not as a mere subordinate?

This is dangerous speculation.  Enough.

/end encryption

Darth Baras has been gracious in his patience but I know he too awaits her full recovery.