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A step, a stop, and a start for the New Year - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A step, a stop, and a start for the New Year [Jan. 2nd, 2012|04:44 pm]
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This week I started a little early to keep my 2012 resolution to have something to report at least 40 weeks out of the 52 for Design Wall Mondays. I think I say this every time I post but I am so grateful to Judy L for starting these link days; it helps so much to push a little and get stuff done so I can write it up for Mondays.

This month I made a promise to finish the applique on the grape vine piece I’ve been working off and on for a long time, and the last leaf that can be applied before the thing is sewn together was attached on New Year’s Eve. The next thing to do will be to mark the finished edges of the piece and embroider vine tendrils to fill in the design, then I can start with machine sewing and construction. That’s the step.

On New Year’s Day, the Hawaiian Jewel Box quilt got the last little bit of binding sewn down so it’s done done done! (And cat-approved!) That’s the stop.

And this past week I went through my CD of the Ingalls 1886 Catalogue of Embroidery Stamping Designs and made a list of patterns which I’d like to use for small projects over the year. And the first of those patterns is drafted out and ready for marking on yet-to-be-chosen fabric. And that’s the start.

As always, click (several times, for max.) to embiggen.