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State of the Quilting [Nov. 14th, 2011|10:01 am]
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I’ve been thinking about the quilts on Judy Laquidara’s UFO challenge: what got done, what didn’t get done, and what I’d like to do next year. It was a very good thing to have participated in the challenge; it really made me take a hard look at what I want to be doing in the quilting arena.

Some of the projects rose to the top of the priority list; some faded off it, and some I outsourced.

I’d intended to figure out how to machine-quilt queen-sized quilts on a Bernina, but the project was just too daunting in the space I have available. Everyone says it can be done, but I had a lot of trouble quilting a couple of crib quilts. And I think machine quilting is not really my thing. So two out of the three queen-sized tops I have finished (in 2011, 2010, and hmm I don’t remember) are at a long-arm quilter, and I am looking for someone with a computerized long-arm machine for the third. I’m really happy to have come to the realization that I don’t have to be good at machine quilting. That was a big load off my mind and I’m so glad to have those quilts out of storage and in progress.

I do enjoy hand-quilting. The UFO challenge got me to finally figure out how I wanted to quilt the flower wreath project, and it is two-thirds done. Now that the weather has turned colder and we’re planning some longer stays for the holidays, I want to get the quilting frame back out and finish that piece and work on the half-done bed quilt that’s in underbed storage. The cats will be thrilled; they love to lie under the folds of the quilts on the frame.

Most of the quilting this year was done while J was off getting the house ready to sell, so we weren’t trying to deal with two people and a quilt frame (even a small Ulmer frame) in the RV. I think I’ve figured out how to set up the frame so J and I can both work comfortably; I’ll need a nice bright clip light to work by, but that’s easy enough.

I still love appliqué and piecing. I want to start a major appliqué project for next year – maybe two – I am torn between two different quilts, both in the design stage (or as they say on the Quilting Board, WIM – works in my head.) I want to work on another pieced quilt next year, using some fabric that will be perfect for the picture I have in my head. I’d like to work on some of the projects I have in mind to decorate the RV, too.

For the end of this year I want to finish the grapevine appliqué wreath I’ve been working (off and on for what seems like forever) and complete that project, finish the sweatshirt jacket that’s currently holding most of my pins hostage, and break out the quilting frame.

This week I want to quilt a sample batting for a wash test, make a label for the backing that’s waiting for the wash test, and work on the grapevine, in among working on the RV (not a quilting project, alas.)

All in all I got much more done in 2011 than in some prior years. While I wasn’t anywhere near finishing twelve projects in twelve months it was a great experience. Next year I want to dedicate myself to working on quilting at least a little any day we’re not moving, and to posting regularly on Design Wall Monday. Both the UFO Challenge and Design Wall Monday are great motivators and they’ve really helped my quilting. Thanks Judy!