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Sea and Shore [Aug. 15th, 2011|08:50 pm]
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The Sea and Shore quilt is almost done. The top and bottom pieced borders have been attached; the whole thing has been measured and re-measured and measured again. I don’t know how other folks do it, but I was taught when attaching borders to measure the center of the quilt and use that number to calculate the length of the borders so that things don’t get too wavy on the edges. So I measure the body of the quilt a bunch of times in different places and average out the numbers; thankfully this time all of the measurements except the edges (ignored) are within 3/8 of an inch, pretty good for 101 inches total length.

It was with great relief that I noted that there was just enough background material to make the final narrow border which will finish the quilt. That had been a niggle in the back of my mind. Not enough left over for binding though, there’s a bare handful of fabric remaining now that the outer border strips are cut.

The photo shows the quilt laid out on the bed to ponder that last outer border, with obligatory cat – they lay on finished quilts, so I don’t see stopping them from lying on tops. Besides it’s a never ending battle unless I bar them from the bedroom (Down. Down. Get down, Lili. Mercedes, get down. Mister Guy!) I don’t like to do that unless it’s absolutely necessary, as that’s where the litter box is too.

The quilt is a little shorter side to side than at the bottom, since I like the look of draping it over the bed so that one band of small triangles just edges the end of the bed. But it is just a little too narrow on the sides; the side edges hit in the middle of the big triangles. Making the final border wider on the sides would let it hang evenly all around, and a few calculations show that there is enough fabric to make the side borders an inch wider than the end borders. But I tried pinning that width to the side border and didn’t like it at all! Much better to have the overall look the same, with the border squares framed with about an inch and a half of background.

I’m past caring which border goes where on this thing; it’s all scrappy anyway, and the quilt is symmetrical (C2 rotational symmetry, if I remember my ancient chemistry class correctly) so it doesn’t matter which end is at the head of the bed.

This afternoon the quilt was measured top to bottom so the blocks needed to finish the side borders could be calculated and cut. They’ve been cut and attached to the side borders. The outer border strips have been cut, one outer border has been attached to a side border and the whole thing is pinned to the body of the quilt waiting until after dinner (and posting) to be sewn on. Once that is done, the other pieced side border needs its edging and its attachment to the quilt. After that, there’s another round of measuring to get the finished width of the quilt, then the top and bottom edge borders can be sewn and cut to fit then attached.

Almost done! I’d be farther along but the power went out in the campground at mid-day. The host I spoke to said that they were working on the electrical system out by the office so the whole campground had to be shut down “for a few minutes”. We got power back at about 4 pm, twenty minutes after I gave up and opened all the windows and started the 12 volt fan.

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