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What's on my Design W/a/l/l Bed - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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What's on my Design W/a/l/l Bed [Jul. 25th, 2011|01:45 pm]
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We’re on the Outer Banks for vacation, but the last few days the wind has been blowing so hard that going out to the beach is like stepping into a sand-blasting cabinet. Thank goodness this is the second week of vacation, and we got a lot of swimming time last week when the weather was perfect. It’s not a complete loss; we went sightseeing instead of beach-going and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and we’ve been staying out of the heat in the RV so I have plenty of quilting time.

Sea and Shore (the obvious project for the situation) is almost ready to put together. Only five more blocks to finish, and then I can do the major layout thing. I was laying out blocks for assembly on the design bed (no room for a design wall) and had a lot of ‘help’. That’s Lilibelle in the photo above. She looks so innocent, doesn’t she?

I am thinking about quilting this with just a flannel backing as a summer spread, but I am a bit concerned about all those lumpy seams with no batting to pad them. J says it won’t be a problem, since we lie under quilts, not atop them. What do you think?

See what other folks have going on in the summer heat on Judy Laquidara’s Design Wall Monday.

From: jeansophie
2011-07-26 12:47 am (UTC)

Sea and Shore

It's so good to see the blocks again and read about how much progress you've made. I can just imagine how much Lillibelle is "helping." She looks a little like my fabric-obsessed calico, Grace Hopper.
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[User Picture]From: catlinye_maker
2011-07-26 02:19 am (UTC)

Re: Sea and Shore

Thanks! It really helps when you turn that corner from assembling blocks (endless half square triangles, ugh!) to putting the blocks together into a coherent whole. Two of six rows pieced, about a quarter of the border done; with luck I'll finish the top in the next three or four days.

We move on Wednesday, so the need to tidy up tomorrow and the move itself will slow things down, but I am on a roll. Hope to be able to post the finished top by the end of the week!
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