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20 minutes [Jul. 12th, 2011|07:04 pm]

Lately with one thing and another, the quilting has been stalled. I’ve been thinking I never have enough time to get everything out and do some “real work” on quilting projects, and it has led to not doing anything at all. I love quilting, but sometimes there are phases where everything else takes precedence. Or times when one more half-square triangle to trim and sew is going to send me right off the rails.

This week I got the sewing machine set up, and for the past couple of days I’ve been doing a few minutes of sewing here and there between taking care of paperwork (why does it always take five times as long as it should to get stuff together and in the mail?) and housekeeping and having fun with my husband. And I got a lot done! Maybe not as much as if I’d dedicated the whole day to it, but way more than if I never tried at all. I didn’t feel guilty for not taking care of all of the rest of my life, and rather than dreading being chained to the sewing machine for a day, I found myself looking forward to little chunks of time working on the endless triangle project, as I’ve come to think of it.

It makes me wonder what I could do, if I committed to quilting for just a little a day, every day. Twenty minutes at a time; it’s how I prefer to do housework, and the twenty minute method works very well to keep the RV looking nice. Some days there are several twenty minute stints, some days only one or two.

Pretty much all my projects are in discrete containers; it’s not that hard to get one out, do a little every so often, and put it up again at the end of the day. I think I’ll give that a try with my quilting this week, and see what I can accomplish, twenty minutes at a time.