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2011 UFO Challenge - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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2011 UFO Challenge [Dec. 17th, 2010|09:34 pm]

Judy Laquidara’s doing a UFO challenge on her blog for the coming year, and I could surely use some help in finishing out some of the long-standing projects that I’ve got hanging around.

So, I’d like to finish:

1. The double wedding ring quilt which is about one third hand-quilted and needs completion.

2. The log cabin top which needs a quilting pattern design, backing and machine-quilting.

3. The Hawaiian jewel box top which needs a quilting pattern design, backing and machine-quilting.

4. The Hawaiian appliqué top which needs hand-quilting in a traditional echo pattern.

5. The appliqué trinket box project which needs a finished grapevine wreath, quilting, and assembly.

6. The appliqué top which needs a smudge removed, thought given to finishing motifs, and a quilting pattern designed and carried out with hand or possibly machine-quilting.

7. The sweatshirt jacket which needs a just little more machine appliqué to be ready to assemble, probably with some fabric added to make the neckline work.

I’d like to make progress on:

8. The sea and shore quilt which is in pieces. There’s major work to do here with piecing, though all of the sub-units have been assembled.

9. The clipper ship block which needs major design work to develop the frame to make it into the center of a medallion quilt.

10. The Twelve Days of Christmas quilt which is in the concept stage; the only concrete thing about this quilt is the idea. I’d like to get the patterns worked out for this and start on the blocks.

11. The feathered star quilt which is mostly in concept. The fabrics have been selected but the pattern needs to be reworked (lost the original) and kitted up for paper piecing.

12. The Christmas quilt I’ve had in my mind forever; there’s a crude sketch somewhere in my sewing cabinet but it needs major revision and there is a lot of pattern design to do there.

There's my twelve projects.  Looking at the list, I'm eager to get started!