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West Virginia and Southwestern Kentucky - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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West Virginia and Southwestern Kentucky [Sep. 30th, 2010|09:37 pm]
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Our travels resumed at the beginning of September with a long trip to southwestern Kentucky. We are travelling with my MIL and P, a young cousin of mine.

We left Pennsylvania at the beginning of the month, and made our first stop in Sutton, WV, because driving from Pennsylvania to Kentucky in one straight shot is not a possibility when you’ve got your house rolling behind you. That turned out better than expected when we found that the campground was right next to a small outlet mall that included a Fiesta ware outlet. We went in looking for new pasta bowls and found some very nice ones; we were all set, bowls stacked at the cash register when the cashier uttered those fateful words: “Did you check the seconds?” Well! It turned out that not only did they have seconds of the style of bowl we both liked, they had mugs too. We got bowls mugs and all for about a third of the price we were about to pay. My only regret is that we should have bought one or two more bowls while we were there.

It turns out that the company that makes Fiesta ware is in northern West Virginia, and they run a bi-annual tent sale which is really something. I was quite happy to have found the outlet, though, when I read the rules of the sale. Line up before 7 am to get a number. Once you have the number, stand in another line (portapotties nearby, they say) to get in to the sale. Limits on the size of wheeled carts allowed. It seems like far too much hassle for the small number of pieces we want. But if anyone’s interested in large amounts of Fiesta ware for small prices, the next tent sale is coming up in mid-October,

From Sutton we made our way to Pennyrile State Park in Dawson Springs, KY, with a brief overnight stop in Salt Lick, KY. We arrived at the park to find about half the campground under construction. I hope they were making significant improvements, they need them. The site was sloped enough that lynx levelers stacked three high (as tall as we’re willing to drive up on – and all the blocks we had on hand) weren’t quite enough to bring the rig completely level. The water outlets were between sites; it took both of our water hoses hooked together to fill the fresh water tank. We couldn’t reach the power outlet with our electrical cord, and I told the camp host that we’d need to use a 20 amp extension cord. It was hot and muggy and I wasn’t happy about that. 20 amp service means no AC. I was somewhat appeased when she let us know that the camp store had 30 amp extension cords to loan out for a small deposit. And it wasn’t that we had a bad site. They were pretty much all like that. Once we were in with the AC running I was happier, and it served well enough for attending the Intertribal Powwow in Hopkinton, KY.

The Powwow was great fun, from all accounts, lots of feathers and glitz and fry bread. I was absent attending a family memorial service, but J and P and my MIL all had a nice time and took many photos, which I enjoyed. One of the younger folk danced in a Hello Kitty outfit, which occasioned some amusement as well as some indignation on the part of the more traditional judges. The regalia was spectacular, and J said he preferred the traditional dancers over the more modern ones. Folks from Philly will understand: he said the more modern dancers were more like the Mummers Fancy Brigades, and the traditional dancers were more like the String Bands. Which made perfect sense to me!