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Lee and Miller Book Giveaway - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Lee and Miller Book Giveaway [Jul. 5th, 2010|09:25 am]

If  you are on the short list of folks who read this blog regularly, and you've never read any of the Liad novels by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, I would be kind of surprised.  They are excellent sf-romance-space opera novels, and I enjoy them mightily and think that most of my friends would too.  They are influenced by Georgette Heyer, among others.  They are books I read over and over, especially Scout's Progress.  Which, as it happens, is one of the three books in an electronic anthology being given away by Lee and Miller online.

The catch is, the giveaway is only open to people who have never read Liaden novels.  So if you are one of those folks, I highly recommend hustling over to Sharon Lee's Writer blog and entering the contest.  If you are already a reader, they're offering a B&N certificate giveaway for mentioning this contest in your blog.  Though I would mention this contest in my blog without the incentive; the books are just that good.

Quoted from the contest page:

In celebration of the publication of Mouse and Dragon, the thirteenth novel set in their Liaden Universe®, authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are holding an Expanding Universe Contest!  Yes! No less than thirty-six electronic copies of The Dragon Variation will be given away.

The Dragon Variation is an omnibus edition of three Liaden Universe® novels — Conflict of Honors, one of the first modern SFRomances; Local Custom, second place winner of the Prism Award for best Futuristic of 2002; and Scout’s Progress, the first place winner of the Prism Award for best Futuristic of 2002, Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice for Best SF Novel of its year, and the prequel to Mouse and Dragon.

That’s three complete novels under one cover.  No prior knowledge of the Liaden Universe® required. Electronic! In Baen Books’ DRM-free, multiplatform style.  This omnibus can be read on your Kindle, your phone, your iPad, your desktop, or other ereader.