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Save the Dragons - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Save the Dragons [Nov. 10th, 2009|07:56 am]

If you are interested in Science Fiction, and you read David Freer's books (military SF with a comic bent, IIRC) you might be interested to know that he and his family are emigrating from South Africa to Australia.  The reason I am posting that info here is that they want to be able to take their pets with them, which requires a 7 month (!) quarantine at the cost of many thousands of dollars.  They have about half of the funds they need.  Mr Freer has put a modern twist on the storyteller's bowl and is publishing a novel online, one chapter at a time, supported by donations to a fund to help them move their beloved animals.

If you've read his stuff before or think you might enjoy it, please consider going by the website and dropping a few dollars in the bowl.  I've seen before in online appeals how we can give just a small amount, money that's easy for us, and it adds up to a big difference for the people who need it.

There's a recent post about the situation on D Freer's blog about the move, and the Save the Dragons site has the novel to date (free to read) and a FAQ about the whole thing.