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San Antonio to Hot Springs - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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San Antonio to Hot Springs [Apr. 13th, 2009|09:21 am]
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We’ve left southern Texas, dry and hot, for central Arkansas, which so far has been wet and cool.  It’s raining this morning with occasional bouts of thunder.  Mister Guy, attempting to seem unconcerned, nevertheless somehow winds up on someone’s chest as soon as the thunder starts to roll.  He’s curled up and sleeping on J’s chest at the moment, only opening an eye when the rain picks up.

We settled into our new campsite in Arkansas (Lake Catherine State Park) on a cool and drizzly Sunday evening.  It was raining pretty hard all the way to Hot Springs, AR, which makes for a tough drive.  We were awakened by the rain early this morning in Mount Pleasant, TX, in the northeast corner of the state.  J had decided since I was reading the Bible daily for Lent, he wanted to make sure that I’d be able to go to church on Easter Sunday.  So rather than our usual practice of a long day’s drive ending up with us just parked somewhere to sleep for the night, we actually cut the driving a bit short (we did 400 miles, or about 10 hours) on Saturday so that we could take a campground site and unhitch the truck, and I could go to church before we started out again on Sunday.  I’d decided to skip the sunrise service in favor of a later one, and when I heard the rain pounding on the roof of the trailer at about sunrise-service-time, I knew that was a good choice.  As it turned out, the rain slacked off enough that J was able to close up the fiver and hitch up, so when I came out of the church I could see my ride, house and all as it were, parked on the street. 

We didn’t get back into the downpour zone until we were in Arkansas, but then it was a real gully washer for a while.  We stopped at a rest stop to eat lunch and get a break from driving in the downpour, and Mercedes started meowing piteously enough that we carried everyone back to the trailer and the cats got a break too.  We were only an hour from the campground so we weren’t going to let them out, just grab our sandwiches and get back on the road, but when she started kicking up a fuss, J said “that’s the second most pathetic kitty I’ve heard in weeks.”  I was curious, so I asked “what was the first?” and just then she let out a heartrending meow, and he says, “that one..”

So far Arkansas and eastern Texas is a real change from San Antonio.  The last week in San Antonio, we had a couple days in the nineties, and a dry wind blew most of the time.  We spent an hour or so in the late afternoons in the pool.  I may actually get something resembling a tan on this trip!  The pool was almost the height of the excitement this past week.  The height of excitement was me going up on the roof.  I’m afraid of heights (well, really I’m afraid of _falling_ more than heights per se) but I’m lighter than J, so I volunteered to go up and inspect the roof repair and press down some bubbles that we’d seen earlier.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared!  I shook off my shoes so as not to slip, slowly climbed the ladder, but the roof is as wide as your average patio, so walking around up there was fine.  There was only one large bubble in the roof, and I was able to press that flat with my foot.  We’ll check it later this week and make sure it stays flat.  Getting down was a matter of going slow, closing my eyes, and knowing that J was right behind me ready to help me.

For the rest of the week J worked from the trailer, and I got some much needed trailer cleaning done and spent time going through the drawers, cabinets and closets to purge and reorganize them.  This is something we plan to do at least once a year, and I am about halfway through the trailer this time.  We go through all the stuff we have tucked away in all the storage space, making sure that it’s needed, wanted, and stored in the right place.  We don’t have the storage thing down yet, we’re still working to see where it would be best to keep stuff and what stuff we should keep.  Salvation Army benefited by a bedspread and some pillows we got with the trailer, which we would most likely never use, and the space they were taking up is now filled with our flannel sheets, which we hope not to need again until fall.  (No bets – the first thing I did after the slides were out here was turn on the heater!)