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Another week in San Antonio - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Another week in San Antonio [Apr. 6th, 2009|07:09 pm]
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J’s work is pretty much wrapped up; enough that he won’t have to go to the customer site this week.  Since we’ve already extended our stay (no refunds, the signs say sternly) we’ll be taking the time to recuperate from all that driving and do some spring RV cleaning.

We’ve been driving the highways across East Texas a time or two; the bluebonnets are in full swing.  And (something odd to us) so are the baby photo sessions.  More than twice, we’d be driving along the highway, and there’s a car pulled over on the verge.  Mom and Dad are crouched down, getting the low angle to get a good picture of baby, who is nestled among the blossoms.  It’s charming.

J asked the people he was working with.  Apparently it’s a tradition, kid’s photos with the spring wildflowers, until they’re old enough to go to school and the school photos replace the homemade ones.  At least until high school, when the spring photo shoots are of one’s girlfriend among the flowers.  One man told him that it was the photo of his wife in a bathing suit in the bluebonnets that got him through Vietnam.  I wonder if Lady Bird Johnson ever thought of this family photo tradition when she campaigned for more wildflowers along the highways of Texas.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday and I attended a very nice church near the campground.  I’d forgotten my dates, so I was surprised and pleased to be greeted with the gift of a whole palm frond when I entered the sanctuary.  Also amused; in Pennsylvania, far from verdant palms, one is given a single leaf of the frond, dried, more beige than green.  A faded token.  Here was a whole stem, glowing green and fresh, looking like it had just been broken from the tree to cushion Jesus’ road into Jerusalem.  After the service, most folks were laying them down in a pile just outside the sanctuary doors.  But I was lucky enough to hear someone say that they were meant to be kept; they wouldn’t be recycled.  So I kept mine to enjoy a bit longer.

There was a bloodmobile at the church, so J and I both took the opportunity to give blood.  I try to do that as often as possible, being type O-, I know that the only way I can receive a blood transfusion is if someone like me donates.  And we’re only a fraction of the population.  People put up these “camping maps” on their RV’s showing the states they’ve stayed in; it would be funny to add a symbol for ‘states I’ve given blood in’.  With luck I can leave a part of myself all over the US.