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ICHC [Mar. 3rd, 2009|09:42 pm]

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

Amen. :)

[User Picture]From: flaviarassen
2009-03-04 06:00 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: flaviarassen
2009-03-04 06:01 am (UTC)
Sorry about the double post - I wanted to give you a large version to get the full glory of it, but the only large image I could find was bigger than the screen!!
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[User Picture]From: catlinye_maker
2009-03-04 02:03 pm (UTC)
How cool is that! One does wonder how the cat actually _in_ the stream of water felt about it...

I googled: "In 1941 (Philippe) Halsman met the surrealist artist Salvador Dalí and they began to collaborate in the late 1940s. The 1948 work Dali Atomicus explores the idea of suspension, depicting three cats flying, a bucket of thrown water, and Salvador Dalí in mid air. The title of the photograph is a reference to Dalí's work Leda Atomica which can be seen in the right of the photograph behind the two cats. Halsman reported that it took 28 attempts to be satisfied with the result.." -Wikipedia
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[User Picture]From: flaviarassen
2009-03-04 02:40 pm (UTC)
I read somewhere that the cats were "paid" in what was probably the world's most expensive sardines, but I also hope they clawed the crap out of Dali & Halsman.
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