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Trip to Boston [Jan. 23rd, 2009|08:51 pm]
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On the road again..

After some debate on just how wise it would be to make the long trip from Near Philly to Near Boston, where J has a training class all next week, he had an epiphany. Instead of traveling like business travelers, and doing the approximately 350 mile jaunt in one day (roughly 10 hours, towing, and far too long for me in a rough-riding truck) we’d travel like RVers and take several days and plenty of rest breaks to make the drive.

So far, it’s been great. Three hours took us to the Delaware Water Gap, and we’re denned up at the KOA there. It really takes me back; I grew up near here and it’s just like I remember winter being. There’s several inches of snow on the ground and the campground roads are cindered, not salted. We’d go sledding on snow-covered roads at night. The steel sled runners would strike sparks off the cinders as we raced down the road, guiding our sleds by moonlight. Then the cold walk to the top of the hill and whooshing down again, cascading sparks tracing our passage.

The folks at the KOA have been very nice, and we got our empty propane bottle filled (a matter of some concern as it’s supposed to be quite frigid the next few days.) I’ve forgotten some trailer supplies; clearly I need to get better about returning things like laundry bags to the trailer once the wash is done. I’m looking forward to a week of working on quilting projects; I brought (counting on my fingers) _six_ of them in various stages of completion.