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Summer Vacation, part 1 - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Summer Vacation, part 1 [Aug. 16th, 2008|09:33 pm]
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What I did on my summer vacation, by Linda Cox, aged *mumble*

We’re on a trip in the wilds of New England.  So far we’ve visited Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire.  Tomorrow we’re off to Vermont.  I’ll be writing about the trip as the spirit moves, in no particular order.


After leaving Acadia Nat’l Park, we drove slightly longer than we’d planned, arriving a couple of hours before sunset at a nice campground near Bethel, ME.  Part of the longness was an hour’s stop at the LL Bean Outlet near Bangor.  That was longer than planned too, when we found that the really nice shirts J buys for work from LL Bean were half-off already cheap prices.  Five shirts and a pair of slacks for me for a little less than the usual rate for two shirts ordered online.

I’ve been picking campgrounds based on reviews online and on rv.net, and they haven’t been far wrong.  This campground was no exception; supposed to be both pretty and nice.  They gave us a gorgeous site overlooking a small lake.  Easy in, just pull in over the grass.  The only thing between us and the lake was the swimming beach and docks.

At the check-in desk was a sign that said “No Air-conditioners, No Generators”, but it had been so wet for so long that we decided to run the AC for just a bit to dry things out anyway.  Mistake.  The third time the power went off I went out and checked the power management gizmo we’ve got (that shuts down the electric when the voltage drops low enough to damage your AC unit if you leave it running.)  The purported 120 was running 107.  We settled for the fans.

After minimal setup for the one night stay (we didn’t even fully un-hitch) we had time before supper for a swim.  J started the fire and we both headed for the lake.  He’d asked and been told the water was “wicked warm.”  Must not mean what I thought it did.  I’dve called it “powerful cold.”  It was, indeed, warmer once we got out into the chilly breeze..  Still, a nice and relaxing end to a long day.  As J grilled porkchops over the campfire, we sipped our beers and watched the sunset color the clouds over the lake and the moon rise from behind the birch trees.  Later that night J called me out to see the moon laying a silver path on the lake.  It was magical; worth every moment of that long day.  We sat by the embers of the fire and watched the moon flirting with the clouds until the wind off the lake sent us inside to our rest.