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Babes in the Woods - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Babes in the Woods [Mar. 23rd, 2008|10:09 pm]
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J's take on the weekend:

OK here it is going on a month or more since the fifth wheel followed me home from Dallas.

This leads to some major issues.

1. We parked it in storage in the rain as night was falling. “Should I run out the slides so you can see it?” I says. “No, we can do that after we park it,” she says. Sure, if we want to do a few thousand in damage to the boat next to the fifth wheel when it is home in storage. So Cat has never seen the bloody thing.

2. My sister the one who used to be the “bad” sibling and through the process of my other sister and I nagging my mom to rehab as much as she needs is now the “good” sympathetic sibling, except on days my mother says “I has no children,” is coming up to see said mother. Now this sister and I love each other, but we don’t really get along. So instead of putting her up in my house I’ve offered to put her up in … the fifthwheel. This gives her time to visit mom and us, but not be in each other’s pockets. BRILLIANT! But wait, Cat’s never even seen it with the slides out.. hmmm.

3. The number of ways I have no time would make this blog entry too long so take it as given.

So to solve the problem I look ahead and notice that Good Friday to Easter is “slow” -- I can get away. We could go camping in say … Lancaster for a couple of nights and Cat can see the fifth wheel. Huzzah, I’m saved.

Wait, no I’m not; the part of my life that can sometimes say “Be in X city at Y time” kicked in. My boss’s boss calls and says “Be in Frederick MD today.” Three hours from home but this is on Tuesday so go down fix the issue come home go camping.

Only the issue drags on and on and on and it becomes clear that I must be at or near Fredrick MD through Easter Sunday at the least.

So home I go on Thursday to get Cat, the truck and the fifth wheel to go camping in Gettysburg. Nowhere close to where Cat wanted to go, but hey. It’s what I can do.

So I get home grab what we need do some token chores and grab lunch, Cat, and the fifthwheel. Only the brake controller for the fifthwheel brakes isn’t working the manual is, but not the automatic.

So over Cat’s very rational objections I haul on out heading off on a 140 mile drive using manual brakes in 40 mile winds. The good news is the truck / fifthwheel combo worked well in high winds. The manual controls worked great as well. The bad news is Cat was not happy.

We get to the campground and get setup the only other people camping where we were are there for the same reason. To break in a new fifth wheel so we have things to talk about in between my bouts of workage.

But Cat finally gets to see the fiver.

The next few days are a blur of work, upgrade the brake controller, find out the stop light switch is broken on the truck and is causing the issue (Thank you service crew at Beckley’s RV just north of Frederick. So, low level of battle field touring and more work and it is time to head back home on Easter Sunday only now everything works the way it is supposed to.

Easter Brunch is at a McDonalds but the huge parking lot was empty so Cat got to drive the truck pulling the fifth wheel and did a bang up job. So getting on the turnpike she says, “next time we go out I want to drive from one rest stop to the next.” I point out that the traffic is light and get her to do it now. Of course everything goes well, only as is normal towing, everything and its granny is passing us so Cat is concerned about the traffic but she gets over it quickly.

I take over at the next rest stop and pull it into the storage lot where Cat parks it, beating my two hour time by half.

She’s so much better at backing up then I am.

Oh and the camp ground was very nice.