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J's Elemental Mastery - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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J's Elemental Mastery [Jan. 19th, 2008|12:06 pm]

Those of you that know J will appreciate this.  Surprisingly accurate, for a little internet quiz!

Your Score: Thunder

~ 55% Water ~ 66% Wind ~ 51% Earth ~ 96% Fire ~

Change the street change the decade

Still the longing's left inside...

Your colours are the light blue of the sky and its exact opposite, the fiery crimson. You are likely energetic, ambitious, inquisitive and honest. However, you may sometimes appear insensitive or restless. You could try wearing a Jasper that inspires compassion and tranquillity, or a Peridot that relives irritation and inspires comfort and thus bring you a bit closer to harmony.

In detail:

Your Ground Chakra, which is associated with the element of fire and represents our basic desires and driving force, and your Throat Chakra, which is associated with the element of wind and represents our desire to learn and communicate, are predominant.

Your Creative Chakra, which is associated with the element of earth and represents our need to preserve and grow, and your Heart Chakra, which is associated with the element of water and represents our sense of love and compassion are not quite as prominent.

These are the results you will get if you score highly on...

None of the four elements: Balance Wind: Gust Fire: Blaze Water: River Earth: Valley Wind & Fire: Thunder Wind & Water: Clouds Wind & Earth: Canyon Fire & Earth: Lava Fire & Water: Tornado Water & Earth: Trees Wind, Fire & Earth: Storm Wind, Fire & Water: Stars Wind, Water & Earth: Forest Fire, Water & Earth: Avalanche All four elements: Harmony

Link: The Elemental Balance Test written by Nitsuki on OkCupid, home of the The Dating Persona Test
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[User Picture]From: flaviarassen
2008-01-20 07:41 am (UTC)
I had started out by chuckling at J's results, & then
going for mine, figuring they;d be just as obvious.

I got them.

I pasted them in here.

Then something stupid happened w/the computer, & they
didn't show up.

But I'd already deleted the test results.

So I took them again.

& got a different result.

So I just copied the generic version of my original

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[User Picture]From: catlinye_maker
2008-01-20 04:18 pm (UTC)
Interestingly I got your original post via email, so whatever hiccuped it was on LJ's side.

Your original numbers (the rest of the text is the same of course):

~ 55% Water ~ 85% Wind ~ 66% Earth ~ 70% Fire ~
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