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Walking in this World, Chapter Two - catlinye_maker [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Walking in this World, Chapter Two [Jan. 18th, 2008|08:11 pm]

This week was hard! Last week felt very productive and purposeful. This week felt very chaotic and confused. The exercises looked simple, but they were hard for me to do. And often I felt like I was chasing down wrong paths. But what was interesting was that all those words shook some stuff loose. Things that I hadn’t thought of in years came floating up. Not while I was staring at the questions at a loss as to what to write or jotting down words that I wasn’t sure were true, but later, that evening or the next day, I would remember what it was I wanted to explore years ago. It was very interesting and somewhat disturbing having all that stuff floating around in my head. I felt very fragmented at times. I thought about some of my answers and refined my ideas regarding them: what do I really want to do with that.. where do I really want to take this?

Whether or not I ever do explore some of those alternate paths, what became very clear was that I need to make time for art, the way I make time to clean or work at the office or write the morning pages. And the Artist’s date isn’t for that, not really, so some other time (my most precious commodity at the moment) needs to be found to take those baby steps to finally doing some of the projects that have been sitting at the bottom of my brain for years. Because now, with the good stirring they got this week, they are all swirling in my brain.

[/snark] Though I have to say.. Task three, Shape Shifting, question 7: “If I’d had ideal parents and a perfect childhood, I’d be a ______________.”  ‘Fictional character’ is the answer. I wrote ‘person’, and as usual came up with the snappy answer quite some time later. [/end snark]

Morning Pages: Two and a half to three pages every day. Sometimes ranty, sometimes insightful, once a detailed list of what to do and when on the day I was feeling absolutely buried with too much to do. I find three pages to be pretty easy to achieve provided I write everything out. Rather than trying to cram meaning into short-hand phrases I try to capture all of the thoughts and make sure I get all the meaning down on paper.

Walk: I got one walk in again this week. Good thing I did it early (Monday) because time to walk is not in great supply around here these days. The day was grey and drizzly and I bundled up well. Toasty warm, I walked in the damp. What I noticed most that day was sound, interestingly enough. Windchimes on a porch, the little birds wheeling and calling from the trees, the whoosh of distant traffic. It was very cool.

Artist’s Date:
It took me a long time to decide what I was going to do this week. I finally thought of Longwood Gardens, a beautiful conservatory and garden near my home. After talking it over with my husband, I splurged for an annual pass rather than just a single ticket. It was great. The knowledge that I didn’t have to try to see everything in one visit let me really relax and just ramble through the space, taking about an hour and moving as my fancy led me. I took a lot of photos, mostly of ordinary flowers, for reference materials for appliqué projects. I am really looking forward to visiting the gardens many times this year to watch the seasons turn.

Ferns at Longwood Gardens:

The Orchid room (part of it):


From: jeansophie
2008-01-19 12:30 pm (UTC)
Those orchids are gorgeous.
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[User Picture]From: catlinye_maker
2008-01-19 02:08 pm (UTC)
Aren't they? That's just a fraction of that room, which is just spectacular (and I'm not that crazy about orchids.) Next time I'll try to get better photos because that one doesn't do it justice.
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-01-25 02:45 am (UTC)

Love longwood Gardens

I'm so happy you got to enjoy them. I was a little sideways about the lists as well. I did the 'I wish' list, but when I started chapter 3, I couldn't remember what I wrote so I redid the exercise a week later. Then I found the first list and marked the things that made both lists. Very telling. Hang in there. Art is not linear. Debbie in Florida
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-01-21 01:42 am (UTC)


I just finished my 2 week check in, and have only read yours so far. I think this week brought up similar feelings of unease for me in the exploration of my past, and my own feelings about the future. thanks for the photos.... Denisehyeong
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From: jeansophie
2008-01-22 01:33 pm (UTC)


I enjoy your blog and am passing on an award to prove it. Check it out here.
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[User Picture]From: catlinye_maker
2008-01-22 10:53 pm (UTC)

Re: Ps.

Thank you! I'll pass it on as soon as I have two moments to rub together!
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